Collection: Single-Herb Tinctures

In order to bring you the most effective and potent tinctures we possibly can, Susquehanna Botanicals sources our plants, fungi, and herbs meticulously. We prioritize local, foraged ingredients that are harvested regeneratively. When this isn’t possible, we’ll source from a Certified Organic farm. As a last resort, we’ll make sure the source is GAP certified. 

We are proud to offer 400+ single herb tinctures, but due to FDA regulations are unable to make recommendations. If you are feeling uncertain about which tincture to purchase, we strongly encourage our customers to empower themselves with knowledge by reading the latest scientific research re: herbalism and their ailment/desired outcome, seeking ancestral wisdom, and asking others in the community about their personal experiences with specific herbal remedies.

The taste of each tincture varies with each herb. They are alcohol-based and slightly sweet due to the addition of vegetable glycerin.