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Mood + CBD Tincture - Forager's Formulas

Mood + CBD Tincture - Forager's Formulas

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INGREDIENTS: spring water, cane alcohol*, vegetable glycerin*, sea salt, cordyceps^, tulsi^, oat straw*, violet^, black locust blossom^, elder flowers^, st. john's wort^, lion's mane^, celery*, nettle seeds^, mimosa bark^, hawthorn^, high CBD hemp* // *certified organic ^ethically wildcrafted or organically grown

Our mood + CBD tincture is a proprietary blend of organic and wild-crafted plant ingredients with organic alcohol and glycerin. It is for internal use and to be taken by mouth.

This blend was formulated for emotional support. St. John’s Wort is a nervine herb that may help with mild to moderate depression, while hawthorne may support general heart health including feelings of grief. Tulsi and Mimosa Bark may help to moderate shifting moods and calm irritability!

Research for CBD is still in its infancy, but is showing promise in treating chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. We chose blends from our Foragers Formulas line that we felt would be compatible with and enhanced by the addition of hemp. Those suffering more acutely from certain ailments may choose to use this formula based on its potential for such symbiosis! 

Squeeze the recommended dosage amount (shown on bottle) directly into the mouth using the provided dropper and swallow immediately. Alcohol-based tinctures are more comfortably taken atop the tongue, rather than underneath. Many customers prefer to dilute tinctures with a small amount of water in a stout glass, while others mix them into smoothies, juice, or tea.

Tinctures are alcohol-based liquid supplements that use specific solvents to extract the benefits from a plant or herb. Rather than standardizing our extraction process, we use a highly specified method for tinctures that incorporates three different solvents, which allows us to honor the integrity of each distinctive herb or plant. We source our ingredients meticulously, prioritizing organic or ethically wildcrafted sources first. Once we receive our material, our skilled production team gets to work carefully crafting our tinctures using this triple-extraction method, and following our herbalist-formulated recipes down to the milliliter.

Our skilled in-house herbalists created forager’s formulas to offer consumers a simple yet powerful way to take back their health while cultivating a deeper connection with nature. Each formula is designed to support the healthy functioning of specific internal bodily systems using relevant plants, herbs, and fungi. 100% of proceeds from our forager’s formulas support foragers who work to regenerate healthy landscapes. 

We are a small team of herbalists, foragers, permaculturists, and outdoors people based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our mission is threefold: to build resilient community by providing healthy food and medicine, nature-based education, and dignified, meaningful employment; to rehabilitate damaged wild ecosystems by integrating skilled and knowledgeable professionals into the landscape; to create a viable business model that transforms neglected wild spaces into sustainable agroforestry preserves. 

All of our tinctures are made from responsibly grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs and organic alcohol and glycerin. Our salves are beeswax and oil-based. Our team bottles and packs each and every product by hand in our safe, sanitary production facility. We create all of our products in small batches, with reverence and love for the Earth and all of her inhabitants. You can read more about us at

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. This supplement has not been approved by the FDA.

If you have additional questions about interactions of this formula with other medications, or are interested in treating a current medical condition using this product, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner. Due to FDA regulations, we cannot legally make recommendations or offer medical advice to our customers.

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