Collection: Monthly Herb Boxes

Introducing “A Year In Herbs”, presented by the apothecary team at Susquehanna Botanicals.

“A Year in Herbs” is a monthly educational/spiritual experience with no subscription or commitment required.

We created these boxes for both newcomers to plant wisdom and experienced enthusiasts alike looking to align with the cycles of the earth. Whether you’re jumping into herbalism head-first or deepening your knowledge as a committed student, they are designed to offer a full spectrum of ways to intimately experience our plant allies first-hand, whilst bringing the cycles of our bodies into union with the cycles of the planet.

Our expert herbalists choose plants or fungi each month that align with the qualities of the season (and the bodily imbalances they beget), keeping in mind their respective growing and harvesting schedules. Then, they curate a collection of our products and formulas that feature them as active ingredients.

While we do provide short write-ups for each box, we strongly encourage customers to research each featured ally on their own as they experience them throughout the month; studying the unique ways their body may relate to the plant, or digging in to see if their unique ancestry holds any lore that draws them in more deeply.